June 17

Could a mural stop the graffiti under University Bridge?



Graffiti is a common sight under the University Bridge, especially in the area across from the “Wall of Death.”  The city tells us taggers hit the underbelly of the bridge just about every weekend.  Crews try to clean up the mess left behind once or twice a month but nothing seems to stop it.  One of our readers Robby (who took the picture above as crews cleaned up the bridge recently) asked if the city might consider putting up a mural to deter vandals.  We asked SDOT, and here’s the answer:

We have not considered installing a mural under the University Bridge.  Murals by themselves are not sufficient deterrents to graffiti and often end up tagged.  This area also has an art installation so we would need the consent of the city’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs before creating a mural.

SDOT also tells us that they work through the Department of Neighborhoods to facilitate mural requests submitted by private groups.  You’d need a permit for the mural and have to commit to maintaining the art work.

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