February 17

Proposed 340 Foot Towers Give Some Citizens Vertigo



Appeal of U-District Upzone to 340′ Towers Filed By Local Housing & Community Groups

With plans for dramatic upzones that some believe could displace low income residents and small businesses, local citizens fight to maintain the character of the U-District.

On Feb 6, the Seattle Displacement Coalition, Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, University District Community Council, & University Park Community Club filed a joint appeal of the final environmental impact statement (FEIS) recently issued by the city for the planned upzone of the University District to 340′ towers.
The grassroots groups argue that more is needed in order to comply with city and state environmental laws and fully inform the City Council of the consequences of such an upzone. They believe it would “dramatically alter the unique character of the district and displace hundreds of low income households and minority owned businesses.”

They also argue that “no consideration is being given as to how these massive changes in zoning will affect a host of other identified elements of the community’s environment including especially impacts on parking, traffic, mass transit needs, open space, and other infrastructure needs.“

The Council is scheduled to consider and vote on this upzone later in the year.You can check out the Final Environmental Impact Statement here on the seattle.gov website.

The organizations whose members live and work in the U-District make this community their home, and believe this appeal is a necessary first step in a broad grassroots campaign to turn back this upzone.

To get involoved, have your say or for more information, contact John V. Fox  206-632-0668 (SDC), Barbara Quinn  206-523-2612 (UPCC), or Ryan Vancil (Attorney) 206-842-7811.

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