April 6

Fallout from the UW bonfire



One lonely, final couch sat near the median at the corner of Northeast 47th Street and 17th Avenue Northeast this morning, maybe the last sofa that the crowd of 500 chanted about tossing onto the fire after the police arrived around 12:30 this morning.

That couch was the only thing to indicate that anything even happened there last night, other than a slightly scorched patch in the grassy, muddy area where the festivities occurred.

But we haven’t heard the last of this. The Interfraternity Council issued a release today, saying in part:

“The Interfraternity Council in no way endorses these actions,” IFC president Alex Maghami said. “We are taking all necessary measures to discipline those responsible and to prevent future incidents.”

The relationship between students living north of 45th and the permanent residents living there has been tenuous recently, so the IFC is likely moving quickly to ensure that relationship doesn’t suffer any more strain. Seattle Police Department captain Mike Fann told us last night that he doesn’t foresee any arrests being made, but that he envisions some sort of meeting between SPD and the IFC. Sounds like that’s already in the works.

Some other headlines about this around the area (and outside of it):

The Seattle Times: Bonfire crowd throws bottles, cans at officers

KTLA (a Los Angeles TV station): WATCH VIDEO: Hundreds of College Students Clash With Police

Seattlepi.com: Seattle police disperse students at UW bonfire

There will be plenty more coverage of this in The Daily in the coming days. We’ll keep you posted here, as well.

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