April 28

OneCampus campaign getting creative



One of the tickets campaigning for various positions in the upcoming Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) elections is getting a little creative with its outreach efforts.

OneCampus, a ticket that features eight candidates campaigning for eight different ASUW positions, has the support of three different establishments on the Ave:

– They have a drink named after them at Finn MacCools, the OneCampus AMF.

– They have a dish named after them at Hawaiian BBQ, the OneCampus plate.

– And Cafe Solstice will soon change its internet password for the first time ever to OneCampus.

So if you’re at any of these locations and hear the OneCampus name thrown out there, that’s what it’s in reference to. The link tool on the blog here is momentarily malfunctioning, so we’ll just give the link to the OneCampus Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/VoteOneCampus?v=info

No word yet on how long before Barack Obama gets his own drink at Earl’s.

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