May 26

Brutal beating in U-District



We’ve obtained a copy of a police report detailing a brutal beating in the area of NE 50th and University Way last Friday (5/21).  A man and woman were standing on the sidewalk around 2am when a red car with two men drove up and began yelling at them.  The people in the car blamed the couple for knocking over an A-board sign for a nearby business (the name of which is blacked out in the report), something the couple said was already on the ground when they arrived.  A verbal argument followed, with the man on the sidewalk kicking the side of the car.  The two men in the car jumped out, punched the other man, and then picked him up and slammed him head first into the pavement.  He was knocked out on impact.  The men in the car fled the scene.  Officers later questioned the owner of the business that had the sign knocked down.  He denied having any employees who drive a red car, although officers noted in their report that they believed the owner wasn’t telling everything he knew.

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