July 27

Big rig hits trouble navigating NE 45th Street construction



The Northeast 45th Street viaduct renovation has taken its first hit: a jackknifed 18-wheel rig just two blocks north of the bridge.  Tuesday afternoon, an American West Worldwide Express truck got tangled up with a car while the driver tried to navigate the streets north of the bridge, which are especially narrow due to the bridge closure.

Photos by Sang Cho, The Daily.

The driver, Daniel Cabez, was trying to deliver a load of furniture to Miller-Pollard in University Village when he became lost after learning that the Northeast 45th Street bridge was under repair. Heading east on NE 47th Street, and knowing that he could not turn right onto 21st Avenue Northeast, Cabez tried to take a left, and the back end of the truck swung out too far.

Cabez had a feeling, though, that he was in trouble.

“I was trying to make it, because this [street] is too short, too,” Cabez said, adding that driving in Washington with a large truck is difficult because of the hills and narrow streets.

He ended up lodging the back of his truck into the hood of a gray Mercury Sable, whose owner was not immediately available.

The crash was especially unfortunate for Cabez, since he had traveled all the way from his native Los Angeles and was just a couple of blocks away from reaching the destination. Cabez, who was traveling with his son and small dog in the cab of the truck, said he usually drives a 48-foot rig.

Cabez was ticketed by one of the two officers who responded to the scene. One officer said that although he doesn’t see accidents on these particular streets often, the police respond to “semis stuck on Ravenna (Boulevard) all the time.”

By 4:45 p.m., the rig was in the process of being extricated and should be removed by this evening.

This story was written by William Dow, new site editor of UDistrictDaily and reporter for The Daily.

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