August 24

Bar squabble turns into sidewalk brawl



A call for help on The Ave led police to several bruised and banged up men with two totally different stories about what happened.  Around 1:45am on August 20, officers responded to the 5200 block of University Way where a man was down in the street.  The man told police that he was leaving a bar with three friends when two men attacked him for no reason.  As they kicked and hit him, the victim’s friends tried to help but ended up with injuries themselves including a swollen mouth and chipped tooth.

Officers were later able to track down two suspects who had a different version of the events.  They claimed the group had approached them inside the bar and poured drinks on them.  Outside, they claimed they were the victims who had been attacked and were outnumbered.  After defending themselves, they ran away.  It is unclear from the police report if anyone was arrested.  You can read the full police report below.

On 08-20-2010, at about 0142 hrs, I was working a uniformed officer as
3U02. During this time, I was dispatched to an Assault call in the, 52
blk of University Way NE. The call reported there was a male being assault

be 7 males. I arrived and contacted the male who was lying on the street.

The male, W/ , stated that he did not want to be a victim of an

assault. He stated that he was leaving a local bar when S/ and

S/ jumped him and struck him several times in the face. He stated

that he went to the ground and felt the suspects kicking him. He told me

the suspect stopped after his friends came to assist him. I observed that

W/ had an apparent laceration to the right side of his head and an

apparent mouth injury.

V/ stated that he was leaving the a local bar with his friends when

S/ approached him. He stated that without warning, S/

struck him in the mouth his his fist. He told me that he was able to run

away from the suspect. He stated that he looked back and saw the

S/ and S/ kicking and punching his friend, W/ who was

laying on the sidewalk. I observed that V/ had apparent bruising and

swelling this his mouth area.

V/ stated that he was leaving a local bar when he observed his

friend, W/ on the ground getting hit and kicked by S/ and

S/ He told me that he attempted to assist his friend but got hit

in the side his head by one of the suspects who was assaulting his friend.

I observed the V/ had apparent swelling to the right side of his


V/ stated that he was leaving a local bar when he observed his friend,

W/ on the ground with S/ on top, hitting him. He stated he

pushed S/ off his friend to attempt to assist him. He told me that

as he was attempting to get his friend up, S/ struck him in the

mouth his his fist. Both suspects then ran southbound from the scene. I

observed that V/ had an apparent chipped tooth in his mouth.

Witnesses and stated they were across the street and observed

the suspects hitting and kicking W/ who was laying on the ground. As

the other victim attempted to assist W/ , they observed the two suspect

attack them as well. They saw the suspects then flee the area southbound.

Both witnesses stated they were friends of the victims

Officer located the two suspect about 2 blocks from the incident. The

suspects stated that they were in a bar when the victims approached them

and a girlfriend and poured two drinks on them. They then got into an
argument with the victims who threatened to assault them outside. A short
time later, they told Officer Domholt #7514 that they left the bar and were
attacked by victims. Outnumbered, they defended themselves and were able
to get away by running from the area. Officer Domholt observed the
S/ had an apparent scrape to his fore arm and S/ had an
apparent injury to his hands.
Seattle fire, Engine 17, arrived and treated the victim at the scene. I
was unable to give the victims a business card due to the fact that they
left the area before I could give them the cards. They stated they were
going to get medical attention at a later time.

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