August 25

University Baptist Church alive and well after Mars Hill sale



“We are not dead.”

That’s the message Rev. Manny Santiago wants everyone to know about the University Baptist Church.

Earlier this month, we told you Mars Hill Church had purchased the building that once housed University Baptist on 12th Ave NE in the U-District.  While Mars Hill prepares to renovate the old facility, the congregation of University Baptist has moved into a new space at 4731 15th Ave NE in the south chapel of University Christian.

“We sold our building but the church is not for sale,” Rev. Santiago told us.  “A lot of people think a church is a building.  It is actually made up of community.”

Santiago tells us the congregation has actually moved several time during the church’s 109 year history.  This last move came after church members decided to stop worrying about an aging building and start focusing on serving the needs of its community.  Since the move, attendance at services has gone from about 40 to more than 80.

“Since the move, people have come more often and with more energy,” said Santiago.

The money from the sale of the church’s old building will now be used for mission projects and other social programs in the U-District.  You can follow University Baptist on Facebook.

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