August 27

U-District burglary turns dramatic as good samaritan nabs thief



A frightening burglary ended with the thief getting a lot more than he bargained for.  On Tuesday (8/24) just after noon, a woman returned to her home in the 1000 block of Ravenna Blvd to find a burglar inside the house.  The thief was in one of the bedrooms carrying three large bags.  When the woman asked what he was doing, the burglar replied “I don’t know.  Sh-t you’re home!”

The thief then knocked the woman down as she tried to grab one of the bags.  As he ran out the house, the woman saw a man out for a walk with his wife and baby and asked him for help.  The good samaritan then chased after the burglar who took a swing at him but missed.  The good samaritan then put the thief in a head lock and managed to hold him down until police arrived, even though the burglar bit him and gouged his fingernails into the man’s skin.  The suspect was booked into the King County Jail.

You can read the full police report below.

On 08-24-2010 at 1227 hours, I was dispatched to a Burglary in Progress at
10 NE Ravenna Blvd. V/ called 911 to report that she arrived
home and found a male inside her house. He had fled the house and was
being detained by other people on the street. I arrived at NE 61 St /

Roosevelt Way NE at 1228 hours. I saw a male, later identified as A/

B/ M/ -1982, being detained by V/ .

I immediately took control of S/ and placed him in handcuffs.

Officer Burk arrived behind me and watched the suspect while I saw to V/

injuries and interviewed the people at the scene.

V/ lived at 10 NE Ravenna Blvd with V/ and V/

She said she arrived home at approx. 1220 hours after being

gone for approx. 30-45 minutes. She knew her roommates were gone since

their cars were not in the driveway. She entered the house through the

door off the dining room on the east side of the house. She heard someone

in the back rooms of the house. She walked back and saw a black male in

her roommate’s bedroom. She asked what he was doing and who he was. She

saw that he was carrying three large bags. The suspect appeared surprised

and replied, ” I don’t know, Shit you’re home!”

V/ asked the suspect, later identified as A/ to leave

their belongings and she attempted to grab one of the bags. A/

yelled, “Let the Fuck go!” and pushed V/ to the ground. She fell

onto her back and suspect ran over her body to exit the room. V/

called 911 and gave chase to the suspect. He was held up at the front door

of the house because he was having difficulty negotiating the bags and his

body through the door. V/ again attempted to grab one of the bags

but A/ wrenched away and fled the house.

V/ continued to chase the suspect. She saw V/ who was

walking on the street with his wife and baby. She asked them for help and

pointed out A/ and explained he had just stole her belongings. V/

left his family and caught up to A/ at NE 61 St / Roosevelt

Way NE on the northeast corner. V/ grabbed a hold of two of the

bags and asked A/ to stop. A/ tried to tell V/

that the contents of the bags were his. V/ told A/ to wait

and have a conversation about the items with V/ . W/ and

W/ were both on the street and witnessed the following portion of the

incident. A/ attempted to punch V/ . V/ ducked and

the closed fist punch missed. V/ placed A/ in a

“head-lock” and took the suspect to the ground. A/ was yelling

threats and V/ and wanted him to get off. V/ told A/

he would get off when the police arrived on-scene. A/ used

his mouth to bite V/ chest / pectoral muscle. He used enough

force to create an instant hematoma under the skin. A/ also gouged

his fingernails into the skin on the top of V/ ‘ hand. Police

arrived and took custody of A/ . V/ was on-scene and

identified A/ as the correct suspect. SFD E16 responded to treat

V/ at the scene.

Officers searched A/ at the scene. They located property in his
pockets that was later identified as belonging to the residents at 10 NE
Ravenna Blvd. All three bags (1 black duffel, 1 black backpack, and one
red and black backpack) were recovered from where A/ was detained.

The black backpack and duffel both belonged to V/ The red and

black backpack was found to belong to A/ . The contents of the two

backpacks and duffle belonged to V/ , V/ , and V/ A

detailed list was chronicled on a Property Report but the items included

gift cards, cellphones, a Sony PS3, laptop computers, jewelry, and

electronics. All the items that were positively identified as stolen in

the burglary were listed and photographed by Officer Hillan. A written

statement was taken from V/ by Officer Hanson. The items were

released back to the victims after they were processed at the scene and the

statement was obtained.

Two of the bedrooms appeared to be ransacked. There were several window

screens taken off the house by the suspect as he probed for an entry point.

Photographs were taken of the scene. It appeared the entry point was a

widow in the dining room. Additionally, photographs were taken of V/

injuries. All the photographs were submitted to the SPD photo


A/ was read Miranda at the scene. He was transported to the North

Precinct and later booked into KCJ for Investigation Burglary and Assault.

A/ Sgt Gonzalez screened the incident and arrest.


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