October 19

Man says he was tackled and mugged on The Ave



This past Sunday (10/17), a man called police after saying he’d been robbed in the 5200 block of University Way.  He told officers he was standing on the sidewalk around 7:30pm when he was approached by three men.  After the men said something that made him feel intimidated, he ran away.  But he says one of the men tackled him from behind and then stole his wallet.  Officers say the victim had an abrasion on his leg and wrist from being tackled, but he declined medical attention.  There were no witnesses to the mugging.  The victim was only able to give police a vague description of the men.  You can read the full police report below.

On 10-17-10, at 2008 hrs, I received a radio call of a robbery
investigation at 92 Sand Point Way NE. Upon arrival, I was met by Victim
. stated that at approximately 1930 hrs, he was standing on
the sidewalk in front of the at 5200 University Way NE
when (3) black males approached him. The males said a few words to
He didn’t remember what they said but he felt intimidated so he ran away
from them. One of the males, described as a B/M/mid 20’s 5-8 160, tackled
him from behind, causing to fall to the ground. The male took
s wallet from his pocket and then fled with the other males.
described the other males as B/M/mid 20’s. had an abrasion
on his right leg and right wrist resulting from being tackled. He declined
medical attention. stated that there were no witnesses of the

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