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U District chosen for 'Only in Seattle' campaign

July 27th, 2011 by master

Check out the hidden gems of the University District with the city’s 2011 “Only in Seattle” marketing campaign.

Thirty-six new businesses in eight Seattle neighborhoods will be highlighted throughout the current campaign, which will showcase some of Seattle’s unique independent stores and restaurants. It also encourages people to “buy local” and explore new neighborhoods.

Café Allegro is one of the businesses selected. “We are thrilled that Café Allegro was chosen to be part of Only in Seattle this year,” said Chris Peterson, co-owner of Café Allegro in the University District. “As the first espresso house in Seattle founded in 1975, we have seen a lot of changes and businesses come and go. The past few years have been difficult for small business owners, but businesses in Seattle have been lucky because of the overwhelming support of the community and campaigns like this. Only in Seattle helps guide people to some of the best local gems in the city, but really it is about trying out new stores and restaurants, venturing outside of your own neighborhood and discovering all that Seattle’s local businesses have to offer in your own backyard.”

The participating neighborhoods are the U District, Phinney/Greenwood, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Madison Park and the International District. “The businesses featured in the campaign all deliver one-of-a-kind experiences and range from wine shops to butchers to the home of one of the largest video collections in the world,” from the press release.

The University District will be in the spotlight on the website next week. You can also follow Only in Seattle on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

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City Council votes to license medical marijuana ops

July 21st, 2011 by master

The Seattle City Council has taken steps toward legalizing medical marijuana in the city this week, voting Monday to establish a municipal licensing, regulation and taxation system for medical marijuana. The licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries and co-ops would fall under a new state law going into effect on Friday, July 22, which would make medical marijuana dispensaries illegal. From Reuters:

The 8-0 vote in favor of the measure comes nearly three months after Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law a new measure allowing cities to regulate and license production, processing and distribution of medical marijuana on a limited basis.

That statute, which takes effect on Friday, requires storefront dispensaries and other medical pot suppliers to reorganize themselves as small, cooperative ventures serving up to 10 patients. These “collective gardens” are confined to growing 45 plants total but no more than 15 per person.

This vote is a ground-breaking move for Washington, and is the farthest any city in the state has gone toward legitimizing medical marijuana usage. Dispensaries and co-ops citywide would benefit from the licensing decision. From

“They’re not kicking the can down the road and having somebody else deal with it,” [Dockside Co-Op owner Oscar] Velasco-Schmitz says. “They realize that there is a need for medical cannibis within the community, and they’re taking steps to be able to provide that for the community in a safe manner.”

While Seattle has taken measures to license medical marijuana dispensaries, such businesses are still in violation of federal law. If signed by Mayor Mike McGinn, the proposed ordinance would require medical marijuana businesses to comply with city codes, governing everything from plumbing to public nuisance complaints. From Reuters:

Seattle officials backing the proposed city ordinance say more than 25,000 of the city’s 600,000 residents use cannabis for medical reasons. They argue that regulation will bring more order to the burgeoning supply chain.

“We’re saying, ‘You’re already here, now we need to regulate you,'” Seattle Councilwoman Sally Clark said.

Clark told Reuters that some 80 medical marijuana dispensaries have sprung up in Seattle over the last few years, but of those, only about 50 have officially registered with the city. The mayor is expected to sign the ordinance as early as Tuesday. Once signed, the measure would go into effect in 30 days.

But not all medical marijuana proponents are praising the decision. Medical marijuana attorney Douglas Hiatt told The Seattle Times he’s planning to sue the city to block the action. “He says marijuana remains illegal under both federal and state law, and the city does not have authority to regulate an illegal substance,” according to the Times.

And while we’re on the topic, check out these recent stories on the gray area that exists in the world of medical marijuana and the Wallingford Cannabis Farmer’s Market.

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Small and Simple Projects Fund to focus on emergency preparedness

July 19th, 2011 by master

The next round of the Small and Simple Projects Fund/Neighborhood Matching Fund this fall is going to have a single focus–on emergency preparedness. The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods announced Friday that it will be partnering with the Office of Emergency Management to offer this community funding focus, which will invest city resources “to help community members connect, organize and plan for emergency situations with their neighbors.” The city sites recent national and international disasters as vivid reminders of why Seattle’s communities need to be better prepared for the possibility of an emergency here.

No applications outside of the new emergency preparedness focus will be accepted for the last cycle of the 2011 Small and Simple Projects Fund. The exception is for existing capital projects funded by the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) that are ready for their next phase of implementation; these projects will be invited to apply by their NMF project manager.

Once the new focus is finalized later this fall, information on project types, funding amounts, and the application process will be available right here

The deadlines for the 2012 cycles of the Small and Simple Projects Fund will be announced in November.

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Police looking for two involved in shooting on "The Ave"

July 11th, 2011 by master

Police are looking for two suspects after a shooting just before 3 a.m. today, July 11th.

According to police,

The suspects actually parked their truck and approached the victim and several of his friends who were sitting on the raised walkway in the 4700 Block of University Way NE. Suspect #1 is described as a Hispanic male, 20, 5′ 7″, stocky, short spiked hair, faint mustache, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He was armed with a black handgun and threatened to kill the victim. He fired one shot at the victim’s feet, but it did not hit him. Suspect #2 is described as a Hispanic male, 20, 5′ 6″, 150 pounds, short spiked hair. The first suspect armed with a gun also pointed the gun at one of the other sitting victims. That victim jumped off the wall and fled on foot to a nearby location to call 911. Several shots were fired, and a window to a business was shattered, but there were no injuries. The suspects remain at large.

The truck the suspects were driving is said to be a full size gray pickup with matching canopy, tinted windows, and large front tires. The truck left the scene in an unknown direction. Officers conducted an area search, but did not locate the suspects or the truck. Several spent shell casings were recovered from the scene.

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'Jiggles' nightclub returning to its roots

July 1st, 2011 by master

Bob Davis, the man behind the ill-fated Jiggles Gentlemen’s Club (5220 Roosevelt Way) says he’s going to turn the club back into a comedy club, according to the

Jiggles was closed down by the city earlier this year because the club violated a zoning buffer requirement because it is located within 800 feet of a school, child care center, community center and public park.

Davis put a bid on the former Rick’s location in Lake City, but was out bid today by a group rumored to be associated with Déjà Vu strip clubs.

“I’m stuck with the Jiggles club,” Davis told the after the auction Wednesday, “so I’m reopening it as a comedy club in September.”

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