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What’s he building in there? New restaurant opening next to Taste of India

October 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment

What's he building in there?

A new cafe and lounge will work side-by-side with Taste of India

For months the house next to Taste of India on Roosevelt Way NE slowly but surely has been transforming into something clearly related to but obviously separate from it’s wildly popular neighbor. First it was a new paint job, then florescent lights, then an outdoor deck. But what is it?

According to Taste of India owner Mohammad Arfan Bhatti the renovation will result in a new restaurant that’s intended to be a “lounge and cafe mix.” It’s a clever way to capture some of the overflow that frequently spills out the door from the larger building to the north.

“We want to offer food that doesn’t compete (with Taste of India) and is at a lower price,” said Arfan Bhatti.He adds that the as-of-yet named restaurant will serve a mix of Indian, Middle Eastern and American cuisine that will be lighter, healthful food.

The space is small and not intended to seat many people. Arfan Bhatti said he envisions it will be more of a casual hangout for the neighborhood.

Doors are expected to open in January.

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