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Post Super Bowl XLVIII: The 12th Man Goes Wild in the Udistrict!

February 2nd, 2014 by master

In the post game excitement, fireworks were launched and the skies of the Udistrict were humming with the sound of circling helicopters.

On Twitter, reports came in from Kiro7 of large crowds gathering in Seattle’s University District. It started with a tweet of a scuffle at a bonfire on Greek Row between people and firefighters. Now it seems the ave. has been overtaken with washes of jubilant fans in a celebratory mood!

Sitting here, I can hear the happy hoots and hollers as groups of happy fans pass by this usually quiet street.

Is this the 12th man coming together one last time this season to sound the victory cry? It was indeed an amazing win for not only the Seahawks but all of Seattle as well.

Congratulations! And let’s be safe out there as we bask in the glow of this incredible win.

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Not Interested in Being a 12th Man? Go to Flowers on the Ave.

February 2nd, 2014 by master

So it’s the Superbowl and the last thing you want to do is watch it! Right? You’re not sentimental about these kinds of things, and neither are your friends. In fact, “Who’s playing? Who cares?” is your current motto.

So, you should head down to Flowers Bar & Restaurant on University Ave and partake in a Game-Free afternoon. Flowers has a full bar, delicious vegetarian food and most importantly NO TV!

Jimmy the bartender says that if he hears anyone talking in the slightest about the Superbowl, he has an especially disgusting concoction of blue and Green liquor he will make you drink.

So, if NFL action is not your cup of tea, let Jimmy at Flowers make you a cup of something else. And while you’re enjoying delicate sips, you can let the echo’s of Superbowl parties fade into the distance.

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