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Look Before you Leap! and Why it's important to check facts even when you're in a hurry!

March 31st, 2014 by master

This editor apologizes for a post that reported on the wrong Standoff with Police. The Stand-Off with police that occured today took place after a man was striking a light pole with a baseball bat in the area of 8th Ave. NE and NE Northlake Way in the University District.

Here’s the story from

Washington News

Man in slow-speed ferry dock chase has another run-in with police

Credit:A man barricaded himself inside a trailer near the UW.

by KING 5 News

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 4:13 PM

Updated today at 4:49 PM

A man who barricaded himself in a trailer near the University of Washington on Monday afternoon is the same man who led police on aslow-speed chase on the Seattle ferry dock earlier this month.

Officers were called out just before noon that a man was damaging a telephone pole outside a UW lecture hall near 8th Avenue NE and Northlake Place.

Seattle Police say when University of Washington police attempted to contact the man, he sprayed an officer with pepper spray, ran to a small trailer hitched to the back of a pickup truck down the street, and barricaded himself inside.

Police say the man demanded to speak with state legislators and refused to come out of his trailer.

Police closed off foot traffic on the University Bridge and several streets between 6th Ave and 8th Ave NE along Northlake Place.

The man, identified as Matthew Allen, later surrendered to police.

The previous incident happened on March 12, when ferry passengers said a man was yelling obscenities on the route from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. A ferry worker asked him to be quiet around the children but he wouldn’t.

Allen tried to allude police by driving his truck and trailer in a circle over and over again for almost an hour.

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The Most Anticipated Debuts & Discoveries Your Tastebuds will Love

March 31st, 2014 by master

Check out the 8th Annual DEBUTS & DISCOVERIES

Sat. April 5th from 6-9 PM at the Mountaineers Center at Magnuson Park

You are someone who prides yourself in being in-the-know about new Distilleries, Cideries, Breweries & Foodtrucks**. For the 8th year, Debuts & Discoveries highlights this years newest crop of stars in the business of making your tastebuds joyfully happy.

And while you are tasting, enjoying and socializing, you will also feel great because this is also a fundraiser for the University Foodbank. All proceeds will go to the foodbanks Packs for Kids program, which provides a weekend backpack of food to school children in need.

**Wineries can be in their first 3 years of releasing wines, and Distilleries, Cideries, Breweries & Foodtrucks need to be within their first 2 years. Sponsored by Seattle Uncorked, The Barrel Thief, and University Sunrise Rotary!

CLICK HERE to get your tickets!!!

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To The Fools that Smashed the TV: a message from a neighbor

March 28th, 2014 by master

It’s a bummer when people vandalize and disrespect their neighborhood.

From littering, breaking things, rudely tagging( and I’m not talking about cool graffiti) and destroying creative yard art, living in an urban neighborhood unfortunately comes at a price.

On a recent cool rainy afternoon walk I met Steve Cox outside his Workshop/Clubhouse in the Udistrict. I couldn’t help but notice the direct message written on the door, and had to inquire.

Of course, we all know the story, especially those of us that live in this urban environment, and especially those of us that live in close proximity to a large population of party loving college kids.

Cox said that a large screen TV had been abandoned on the parking strip, and shortly after, some kids decided to “smash it to pieces.” He lamented that he spent over an hour with a broom and a shop vac to clean it up and save little feet and pet paws from shards of glass.

This isn’t the first time Cox has had to deal with vandalism. He told me about the art piece on his garage that used to spin (see video) but after someone messed it up, now it’s just a sad reminder that sometimes people don’t appreciate creativity.

In an effort to encourage Good Neighbor Behavior, here are some ideas to share that may result in cleaner, more artistically decorated front yards and parking strips.

Three Ideas on How Not To Be a Bad Neighbor

  • First of All, Don’t Ditch your old TV on the Parking Strip
  • E-Cycle Washington is a FREE, convenient and environmentally responsible electronics recycling program has been operational since January 1, 2009. Products accepted at E-Cycle Washington drop-off sites are: computers, monitors, laptops, tablet computers, televisions, portable DVD players and e-readers.

  • If You Want to make Your Mark, Get Together with your Community Peeps and Plan a Mural
  • Seattle Mural Project Is An Ongoing Celebration Of Street Art Working To Match Street Artists With Funding, Location Coordination, And Logistic Support.

    2014 Call To Artists Is Currently Open!

  • Be a Yard Art Appreciator, not a Yard Art Destroyer or thief
  • It’s easy to make your own yard art. If you really like what you see in someone’s yard, take a picture, be inspired, try and make your own!
    Better yet, if you have a parking strip that is looking a little dumpy, clean it up, plant some lavender, decorate it with funky found objects from goodwill.

    If you have some fun ideas on how to create a more welcoming sidewalk or how to encourage those hooligans to not destroy property, we want to hear it!

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Hey U-dist! Let’s Clean Up Our Act!

March 17th, 2014 by master

SPRING!!! It’s that time of year again,

thank goodness!!

Even though this winter has been very mild in comparison to other places around the country, some of us still giggle in glee for the coming springtime. It’s time to dust off the layer of darkness and open windows and doors and feel that loving sun on our faces.

Our community spaces are also ready for some attention. For the months of April and May, The Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will provide groups with assistance, plastic bags and free disposal. Just think about how nice it will be to walk through our neighborhoods and not have to avert our eyes to garbage and debris on the sidewalks, streets, planting strips etc.

SPU is ready to help you get involved. Their website lists some ways to get you and your neighbors all set up to clean up your hood:

  • Organize a team : Team up with other businesses, neighbors, a nearby school, community groups, family and friends.
  • Choose your project: Project ideas include: picking up litter, planting flowers, painting out graffiti, creating a mural or any other project which will beautify the public spaces in your neighborhood. The Rainier Chamber of Commerce, Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce, Lake City Chamber of Commerce and the University District all run model Spring Clean programs.
  • Register: Send for a registration packet, which contains information on how to get free plastic bags and passes to a Recycling and Disposal Station. In addition, the City can work to get other individuals in your area matched to your team.

For more information, call 206-233-7187 or request an information packet by sending your name, group name, address, day and evening phone to:

Community Cleanup /Spring Clean
Seattle Public Utilities
700 5 th Ave Ste 4900
P.O. Box 34018
Seattle, WA 98124-4018

Spring Clean is a great way to beautify your business district. Spring Clean, Seattle ’s cleanup of public spaces, is held by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) throughout April and early May.

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How to Get Off-The-Beaten-Path to Get Yer Fix

March 10th, 2014 by master

There is a time for that relaxing morning, a cup of coffee and a good book…

…but on the other side of that is the wide-eyed frantic time of students and freelancers with mid-terms and deadlines trying to make it to the finish line of ‘get-r-done’!

The University District and surrounding neighborhoods are not lacking in cafe culture, but sometimes it is hard to find the right vibe that you are craving. It is also sometimes challenging to find a place that has wifi, outlets and enough seating that you can work for hours.

To assist, this post highlights some cafes that are off-the-beaten-path and have your needs covered. Of course, there are some great places that are not mentioned here, so please chime in and let us know in the comments below your favorite independent cafe that treats you right in your times of need!

***As a side note, Udistrictdaily encourages you to make purchases that compensate (a.k.a. pays rent to) the cafe for use of their tables, wifi and electricity to charge your devices. Also, ALWAYS TIP YOUR BARISTA GOOD! and for goodness sakes, BUS your own table!

Herkimer Coffee

Finely poured espresso by barista’s who care, this Herkimer location has a calm vibe that is conducive to getting work done.  There is a large community table that has access to outlets, and a fair amount of small tables and widow bar seating for those that don’t need to charge up.

Herkimer has a great pastry selection if you need a little sugar boost, as well as some savories that you can enjoy if you need some food power for your brain. Situated at the north end of University Ave., you can take a stroll through Cowen park if you need a little mind break.

Revolutions Espresso & Bakery

Nestled in the middle of the Greenlake business district, Revolutions Espresso & Bakery is a spacious cafe that leaves plenty of room for you to spread out your books and notes. They serve Herkimer coffee, a menu of in-house baked items, smoothies and a delicious breakfast sandwich that is avail until 10am. This is a little gem that will welcome you with funky art, good music and a comfortable atmosphere.

Bus Stop Espresso

Bus Stop Espresso has Fresh Pastries, Awesome Sandwiches, Morninglory ChaiMukilteo Coffee, Rishi Tea and All-the-Internet-you-Need!

What else? They have parking, a patio and an entertaining and friendly staff that you will love! This small but accommodating cafe is a great spot to get away from the busier feel of a lot of Ave. establishments allowing you to focus in and get your work done. There is definitely an eclectic feel to the espresso menu here, just check out their international coffee menu items!

Cafe Racer

Great drinks of all kinds, be it caffeinated or not, alcoholic or not, hot or cold. They have awesome american style food, music at night, and interesting art shows. They have a massive amount of tables, wifi, and plenty of outlets to plug into. This is a great place to study, work, play a board game, meet a friend or a group or even have a meeting.

Weekend breakfast’s can be a bit busy, so it’s probably a better bet to stick to weekdays and afternoons for your working needs.

Chaco Canyon

You don’t have to be a organic vegetarian or vegan to appreciate the amazing intention of this cafe. Its warmth comes at you from not just the satisfyingly whole-foods menu, but also the southwestern inspired decor.

Among other healthful offerings, Chaco Canyon features Stumptown coffee, Mountain Rose Herbs Tea, and Organic Valley milk.

The staff is friendly and obviously care about your experience of food. This is a great place if you are not in a hurry, because Chaco Canyon doesn’t cater to the city hustle and bustle mentality. Enjoy a break from your daily grind and enjoy a full menu of amazing food as a slower pace and you might find a better quality in the work you are trying to do!

There are plenty of tables, outlets and free wifi for you to set up shop and feel energized; giving you the energy to succeed in whatever you are trying to do.

For more information about these cafe’s, check out their websites and/or social media pages. I have put plenty of links in here to follow! Enjoy!

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A Night of Scandal & Lust: Scarecrow Video's March Screenings can get a little Saucy!

March 6th, 2014 by master

Looking for Something Scandalous to do tonight? Head down to Scarecrow Video for a night of Desire & Lust

Tonight, as part of their  month long March Screening‘s, Scarecrow Video and host Marc Palm Present the 1966 film, My Brother’s Wife, written and directed by Doris Wishman.

These events are free to the public, but make sure you check your ID because this is 21+ event.

Movie is at 7pm, so show up early to get a hot seat!

With beer and coffee available and encouraged for consumption (to help support the continuing of such events), this is an affordable night out on a cold thursday in March.

Check out Scarecrow Video’s Website for more info.

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Is the U-District Going Micro?

March 4th, 2014 by master

Photo credit:

Microhousing: Is it a good thing?

Microhousing, also known as a-Pod-ments or stack housing, refers to apartments that offer 100-300 square feet of living space and a private bathroom.

Microhousing is the next-big-thing making its own wave of controversy in the Seattle housing conversation. Riding on the coattails of Seattle’s Townhome Takeover, microhousing proponents have found loopholes in city code to easily get permits for construction, getting past some zoning rules and regulations. Neighbors have complained that these ‘aPodments‘ just seem to ‘pop’ up in their neighborhoods without the proper review process.

The units have no full kitchen but offer a refrigerator and microwave. To create a more social environment, some microhousing complexes are designed with a community kitchen. This type of housing is targeted to students, young professionals and singles. With affordable rents ranging from $500-$1000 including utilities, these mini apartments seem ideal for the University District, but are they?

Some are worried that these micro microhousing complexes crowd too many people together in one area and there is no parking provided. Neighbors are also worried that there is more likelihood of a high turnover of occupants which is not compatible with a safe, family friendly neighborhood.

Is high density, at the cost of family friendly neighborhoods, a sacrifice that needs to be made for affordable housing in the city? Both sides of the issue have interesting points.

A recent Seattle Times article notes that “microhousing provides affordable, transit-friendly options to those for whom the housing industry has previously not given much attention.” On the other side, Kiro7 reported on a heated developers’ meeting last spring over aPodments and some of the concerns from neighbors hinged around being “worried how many people would actually be sleeping in each unit. Others brought up safety concerns like emergency exits”.

With the University District’s changing face, should we be concerned with too many aPodments, or is stack housing a solution for affordable urban living? What do you think?

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