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MugShot Monday #1: a caffeine inspired journey to uncover University Ave's Cafe's

August 4th, 2014 · No Comments

Welcome to MugShot Monday: Where we journey south down University Ave. and uncover the many faces of our own U-district’s cafe culture.

It’s no secret that this blogger loves Herkimer Cafe located at the north end of University Ave. I’ve been a regular here for over three years and have gotten to know many of the long time employee as well as some long time patrons. So, it’s a perfect location to begin my tour of local University Avenue Cafe’s.

Barista Kyle saying goodbye to their ol’ Synesso

Owner Kara Macdonald, who has been in the Seattle coffee business 18 years, runs a tight ship and hires a crew of loyal barista’s that I can rely on for a smile, a friendly word and a perfectly poured Americano. But Don’t just take my word for it. “Their Coffee is absolutely tops,” says longtime regular Michael who lives nearby and walks over. Furthermore, I was happily surprised to hear that on Thursday, they are unveiling a new espresso machine that will somehow make my Americano taste even better!

Moving from a Synesso machine that has done them years of good, all the Herkimer locations have been receiving brand new La Marzocco Strata EP’s that were designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind. With suggestions from longtime roaster and Co-Owner of Herkimer, Scott Richardson, the new machine offers different pressure profiles so that each shot highlights the coffee to its fullest flavor. For example, for an espresso, the pressure starts off slow to warm the coffee first for a less harsh shot.

All in all, Herkimer on University Ave. is a quiet spot close to Cowen Park that delivers quality coffee and a perfect atmosphere for your study, sketchbook’n and working needs. Their Barista’s usually have great music playing that is conducive to their customers moods as well as comfortable outdoor seating if you need a breath of fresh air.

Regular Michael with his Double Soy Latte and the Monday Paper

If you have a good story about Herkimer on the Ave. We would love to hear about it in the comments!

5611 University Way NE
Seattle, Washington 98105
Phone: 206.525.5070
Hours: 7am-6pm Everyday