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#Mugshot Monday #7 – SureShot Espresso's Got Grit

September 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Welcome to #MugShotMonday: a caffeine inspired journey to uncover University Ave’s Cafés

As I opened the door and walked into Sureshot Espresso, I was greeted with the nostalgic scent of cafe’s from my past. A combination of coffee bean dust, old furniture and grit. I could tell that this place was used to well worn boots and quirky ideas. Personally, that makes me like a place.

Kind of like the Star Wars Cantina but without aliens and alcohol,” says Scott L. from a review on Yelp. I have to agree. This place seems to me to be a meeting place for a motley crew of patrons.

There were two grungy but sweet looking guys on the couch having a conversation about Hemp Fest and another guy quietly surfing the internet on one of the computers they have there for public use. (you get 15 minutes complimentary with a minimum purchase of $2) They even have printers for folks to use at 20 cents a sheet.

Another fun thing to know is they have a room of pinball machines! Not only that, they have Mrs. Pac-man and my personal all time favorite, Galaga!

1.Small, loose particles of stone or sand. 2.Courage and resolve; strength of character
In addition to a menu of tasty pastries and lunch items, they also serve white coffee. I chatted up the barista about what exactly white coffee is. He explained to me that it has a different taste and more caffeine than traditional dark roast coffee. The beans are flash roasted, meaning that they are very lightly roasted. Sureshot was the first cafe to offer it in Seattle and has been serving it now close to a decade. They have a loyal following because of it.

Sureshot is frequented by students and neighbors alike and they have a modest amount of seating for hanging out. Located conveniently near the corner of 45th and University Ave, they are open daily for 7am to 12am.

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