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#Mugshot Monday #8 – Café on The Ave Restores my Faith in Humanity

October 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Welcome to #MugShotMonday: a caffeine inspired journey to uncover University Ave’s Cafés

There are some Mondays that just resonate with the quintessential theme that day carries. Today is one of those days for this blogger. From waking up with a headache to forgetting my computer-cord at home and only having  a 1% charge; I wasn’t feeling optimistic about getting anything done today.

Enter (literally) Café on the Ave.

I stepped up to the counter and ordered a 2% latte. I felt a little disoriented for a moment because even though there are plenty of directions on how and where to order, I wasn’t sure I was doing it in the right place. This is probably a throwback from when I used to work here back in the Espresso Roma days. Café on the Ave. wants you to order at the register, not at the espresso machine.

Café on the Ave took over where Espresso Roma café left off about 10 years ago.

They have a full menu (american mixed with a little Korean inspired food), Caffe Vita coffee and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Café on the Ave. caters to mostly students which is immediately visible with tables strewn with textbooks and computers.

While ordering, the cashier was very friendly and showed me the internet code when I asked if there was wi-fi. I retrieved my latte and looked for a spot to park myself. With plenty of tables, a window bar and a bench seating area, I had no trouble finding space.

Upon pulling out my computer to began work I realized that my computer was out of juice and I didn’t have my cord. I immediately looked around and saw three student types with my style computer and asked one of them for a loaner. That was my first great experience here. The first person I asked was super friendly and didn’t even blink an eye at my request! Alas, my work day was salvaged! However, then I couldn’t seem to get on the free wi-fi. I asked the fellow sitting next to me and he said he had some problems with getting kicked off the internet. Luckily, he had a mobile hot-spot and offered me use of his password without my even asking for it!

These two extremely kind and generous acts really turned around my rough-start Monday.

I am now back on track with my two-week delayed #mugshot Monday post, my headache is gone and my faith in humanity has been upped!

Thanks Café on the Ave!