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#Mugshot Monday #13 -Chaco Canyon Café — Where Slow ? Bad

November 18th, 2014 · No Comments


If You have never had the chance to visit Chaco Canyon and you have an interest in Raw, Vegan or Organic food, then b-line it straight to Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe. What you will find is an introduction to the Slow Movement, delicious food and a warm atmosphere that will satisfy any craving.

For a lot of Seattleites, the idea of a quick cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat is something that we habitually gravitate towards. At Chaco Canyon, they go to a lot of trouble of slowing things down. For this establishment, fast ? good and slow ? Bad.

Check out their Hot Beverage Offerings..Not your Average Cup of Joe Indeed! Click image to enlarge.

Although, Chaco Canyon is more of an eatery than just a café, it’s still a perfectly acceptable place to get some work done. I ordered a bowl of dahl and a latte (check out their menu) and found myself a small table by one of the many windows. I felt perfectly comfortable getting my computer out and getting some writing done. I wouldn’t say that about most eatery café’s. Usually, restaurants don’t want you lingering too long. This place is different. With its southwestern decor, warmly painted colors and flavorful food smells, this is the kind of place that you want to settle into; and they seem to want you to settle in and enjoy as well.

In addition to a whole wall dedicated to community events (it’s right in front, not hidden down the end of a hallway next to a bathroom), Chaco Canyon is extremely involved in programs to help make its establishment accessible to everyone — even people who can’t afford it. Including programs to pay-it-forward that will buy someone else a coffee to encouraging folks to donate to their community bowl program, this place not only fills your belly with goodness, but also others in need.

Got allergies to everything? They have a lot of ways to work around your food issues and are open to helping you find a menu option to fit your diet. They also have some lovely retail items such as sprouting kits, cookbooks, chili mixes, local jewelry and more.

Got Allergies? Fear not. Chaco wants you to feel safe!

The bottom line here is, if you have been avoiding Chaco Canyon because you are afraid it’ll be gross hippy food in a passive-aggressive atmosphere, I assure you there is none of that pseudo-peace-y vibe here. It’s just a bunch of people who really care about the food they are serving you and want it to be just right. One of their mottos is “the best things in life are free, the next best things are organic.” Sounds like a place that cares to me!

The only thing I recommend is, if you find yourself in a hurry this is not the place for you. Not because the service will be slow (mine was incredibly fast), but because at Chaco Canyon it’s about enjoyment, savoring, taking the time to be present. If you are craving a little time to be here now, you will love the vibe here. If waiting in line to order will make your skin crawl because you are trying to catch a bus and you’re already late for work– I would maybe skip it and come back when you have had time to breath.

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