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Two Waywards, One City Block:a U-district Vegan Restaurant Moves to Roosevelt

January 30th, 2015 by master

The popular University District Wayward Vegan Cafe has left their University Ave. location and will now serve up delicious vegan diner-style comfort food in the Roosevelt neighborhood.

Yeah, it’s a little extra trek for u-district locals, but when you see their new space, you’ll understand why it was an awesome decision.

However, to help you deal with a little confusion that you might experience, just know that just up the block there is Wayward Coffeehouse that is a totally different business. Both Serve coffee, but the Wayward Vegan Cafe is —you guessed it– a Vegan Restaurant, and the Wayward Coffeehouse is  –you’ve got it!– a coffeehouse!

Okay, glad we have that cleared up! Both are rad establishments but with totally different vibes. It will be interesting to see how these two businesses with the same name will weather  their close proximity! I called Wayward Coffeehouse who declined to reveal their stance on the issue stating that they “don’t typically engage in media regarding topics such as this one.” Hmm? WVC say’s that they “expect to peaceably co-exist and now if someone shows up at the wrong one, they won’t have far to travel!”

Although not a vegan myself, my family and I lean towards animal friendly menu’s and have often enjoy the creative dishes at the WVC. I am excited to see how this new location with outside light streaming in, a balcony, way more seating and a new identity will improve upon WVC’s already positive standing in the north-end food community.

Loyal customer will be pleased to know that in addition to continuing to serve Rachel’s Ginger Beer on tap (and still filling growlers), they will be adding cocktails.

WVC wants their U-district regulars to know that “for vegan food you love, and not having to bus your own table and refill your coffee!” they think it’s totally worth the walk!

Here’s how you can be the first to experience the new location, see what’s new or the same on their menu, enjoy the freshness of their new green walls, or be the first to get served on their balcony (that’s what I aim to do):

Opening day at new location (801 NE 65th st.):  Saturday January 31st 9am!

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Knit & Purl in Beast Mode! Watch the Big Game, Make a Memorabilia Hat!

January 28th, 2015 by master

Apparently Geekdom and Sports do intermix! If you are looking for that special Seahawks memorabilia, and you also love the ‘World of Knitcraft,’ this project is going to get you cheering!

Photo Courtesy of CJane Knit on

Luckily, we have some great resources right here in the North End! Weaving Works,  will supply you with all you need to get your project started and even give you some guidance. Need More? Seattle North End Knitters meet-up with other knitters  at some near-by cafes and are more than willing to cheerlead you to the finishing stitches!

Here’s the deal — on, a website for knitters, CJane Knit has graciously made available her design for a Seahawks Binary 12th Man Hat.

What you need to do is:
  • Go to and get your free Seahawks Binary 12th Man Pattern from CJane knit.
  • Stop by The Weaving Works at their new location in the Roosevelt neighborhood
  • Check out Seattle’s Northend Knitters Ravelry page. Among some other places in town, they regularly meet at Wayward Coffee House weekly on Thursdays and The District Lounge in the Deca Hotel the 1st Tuesday of every month.
  • Their next meet-up is at Wayward Thursday Jan 29 5:30-11pm.
  • Please post in the comments any Works in Progress or Finished Caps! Happy Knitting!

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    New Protected Bike Lane on Roosevelt is in the Works

    January 26th, 2015 by master

    Interim PBL in action south of 45th on Roosevelt Way NE

    Changes are coming to Roosevelt Way NE. To bicycle riders, this comes as a relief, although to some motorist, there will definitely have to be some adjusting!

    Hopefully, after letting go of lost parking spots, motorist will be able to appreciate this change that addresses major safety issues for bicyclists everyday. According to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDoT) there has been 21 collisions involving people riding bikes over the past four years.

    Right now, there is an interim Protected Bike Lane on Roosevelt Way between NE 45th Street and the north end of the University Bridge. If you are concerned, perplexed or interested in what this PBL might mean for your commute, here is some information you might find helpful.

    What You Need To Know:

    SDOT is repaving Roosevelt Way NE between Fuhrman Ave NE and NE 65th Street and adding safety improvements this fall 2015 to spring 2016.   In addition, they are adding a one-way protected bike lane (PBL) on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE, transit reliability improvements and pedestrian improvements.

    What is a Protected Bike Lane (PBL)?

    PBL’s physically separate people riding bikes from people driving and are distinct from the sidewalk, adding predictability for all travelers.

    Images Courtesy of SDoT website

    Why Do we Need or Want a PBL?

    According SDoT, the goal of a PBL is to create a safer environment for bicyclists and pedestrians:

    • Safety for all travelers
      • People biking – separate bicyclists from travel lanes and parking maneuvers
      • People walking – separate bicycles from pedestrians
      • People driving – provide predictability within the street

    They also add that their goal is to:

    • Improve safety, as people are no longer riding bikes in the “door zone”
    • Add connections to a citywide bicycle network and multimodal system at:
      • NE 47th Street, which connects people to the University Neighborhood Greenway
      • Ravenna Boulevard where SDOT is upgrading the buffered bike lane to a protected bike lane this year
      • NE 65th Street, where the new Link Light Rail Station is under construction
    • Improve transit reliability by adding in-lane bus stops (transit islands)
    • Create more space for people waiting for the bus by adding transit islands
    Check out this Handy Animation from SDoT on how to park by a PBL:

    Courtesy of SDoT

    If you have some experiences with this new Bike Lane, we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

    Happy and Safe Travels Out There!

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    Share Seeds on National Seed Swap Day: Jan 31 at PNC

    January 21st, 2015 by master

    The King County Seed Lending Library is hosting its Second Annual Seed Swap on January 31, which is National Seed Swap Day.

    In honor of the coming spring and the chance to get your edible gardening started, this event is all about sharing seeds of your favorite plants and getting inspired to grow some new varieties.

    Where: Phinney Neighborhood Center
    6532 Phinney Avenue N. in Seattle
    Rooms 6 and 7 of the Blue Building
    When: When 1-4 pm
    What to Bring: Seeds if you have them* — They can be homegrown or store-bought — even partially used packets.
    *Attendees aren’t required to bring seeds to take them, but are asked to limit what they take in order for all to enjoy

    Workshops will offer further education on saving and cleaning seeds. Speakers include:
    • KCSLL Co-director and Urban Food Warrior Caitlin Moore
    • author Bill Thorness (Edible Heirlooms, Cool Season Gardener)
    • author and educator Lisa Taylor (Your Farm in the City, Maritime Northwest Garden Guide)

    Non-profit greening groups will be on hand, and you can learn about the library’s newest branch: the Phinney Neighborhood Association!
    The PNA has agreed to host the seed collection in its popular Tool Library.
    Starting in February,seeds can be “checked out” during the Tool Library’s regular hours.
    For more information, see

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Jan 19

    January 15th, 2015 by master

    There’s no better way to start the new year than with a little Give Back to your community!

    January 19, you can honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  by joining a community of volunteers.

    Come support King County’s most vulnerable populations with this day-long service project.

    Each year the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service inspires more than 1,000 volunteers to donate their time to nonprofit organizations. The work done on this one day benefits others for months to come.

    Join UW students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends in this annual day of service by building a team as a project leader or by registering individually for a public project.

    The MLK Day of Service is produced in partnership by the UW’s Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center and United Way of King County.

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    Fremont Bridge closed Friday and Saturday nights

    January 8th, 2015 by sarawilly

    From Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

    If you’re heading home to Queen Anne from or via Fremont this weekend – or perhaps heading over the Fremont Bridge in the early morning hours for a run or bike ride – plan ahead. As part of the Fremont Bridge Painting Project, SDOT will be closing the bridge completely to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians on both Friday and Saturday nights. The closures will run from 11:59pm each night until 7am the following morning. During the closures, crews will be repainting the portions of the bridge that cannot otherwise be reached with traffic. Cars, trucks, and buses will be detoured between midnight and 7am both nights.

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