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Two Waywards, One City Block:a U-district Vegan Restaurant Moves to Roosevelt

January 30th, 2015 · No Comments

The popular University District Wayward Vegan Cafe has left their University Ave. location and will now serve up delicious vegan diner-style comfort food in the Roosevelt neighborhood.

Yeah, it’s a little extra trek for u-district locals, but when you see their new space, you’ll understand why it was an awesome decision.

However, to help you deal with a little confusion that you might experience, just know that just up the block there is Wayward Coffeehouse that is a totally different business. Both Serve coffee, but the Wayward Vegan Cafe is —you guessed it– a Vegan Restaurant, and the Wayward Coffeehouse is  –you’ve got it!– a coffeehouse!

Okay, glad we have that cleared up! Both are rad establishments but with totally different vibes. It will be interesting to see how these two businesses with the same name will weather  their close proximity! I called Wayward Coffeehouse who declined to reveal their stance on the issue stating that they “don’t typically engage in media regarding topics such as this one.” Hmm? WVC say’s that they “expect to peaceably co-exist and now if someone shows up at the wrong one, they won’t have far to travel!”

Although not a vegan myself, my family and I lean towards animal friendly menu’s and have often enjoy the creative dishes at the WVC. I am excited to see how this new location with outside light streaming in, a balcony, way more seating and a new identity will improve upon WVC’s already positive standing in the north-end food community.

Loyal customer will be pleased to know that in addition to continuing to serve Rachel’s Ginger Beer on tap (and still filling growlers), they will be adding cocktails.

WVC wants their U-district regulars to know that “for vegan food you love, and not having to bus your own table and refill your coffee!” they think it’s totally worth the walk!

Here’s how you can be the first to experience the new location, see what’s new or the same on their menu, enjoy the freshness of their new green walls, or be the first to get served on their balcony (that’s what I aim to do):

Opening day at new location (801 NE 65th st.):  Saturday January 31st 9am!