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U-district Local Author Has a Best Seller

March 31st, 2015 · No Comments

If you are a regular at local coffee joints such as the U-district Herkimer, Cafe Racer and even the cafe at the Burke Museum, you may have been sitting next to a bestselling author.

Stephen C. Merlino must have gotten some sort of inspiration with the last name Merlino (get it…Merlin-O ?). Regardless, his fascination with the fantasy genre seems to have begun at an early age.

As a kid, growing up in our gray and rainy state, he spent the dreary months indoors reading the likes of J.R. Tolkein and other wizard heavy stories. As he grew up, his passions evolved to include Shakespearian drama and Chaucer, which eventually lead him to a trip across England with a backpack.

Merlino finally returned to Seattle after studying Shakespeare at the University of Reading. He now lives close to the UW and teaches teens at Mountlake Terrace High School.

Merlino plans to release books two and three in the series in August and December. “Then the second trilogy begins!” says Merlino. “They call that ‘Aggravated  Trilogy,’ but I don’t apologize. I love series.”

His book — The Jack of Souls — is the story of an outcast rogue who must break a curse laid on his fate, or die on his nineteenth birthday; it’s a story of magic, mischief, and the triumph of tricksters. Along with the roguish protagonist, the novel features strong female characters and a subplot from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Check out this super fun trailer animated by local artist Luke Shea!

You can find the book at your local bookseller such as Third Place Books or find it the eBook on Amazon

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