About the University District:

It seems students don’t appreciate the U-District neighborhood the way its full-time inhabitants do. You’ll often hear students talk about wanting to move away, or complaining about the high rent-rates in the area apartments, or the uneasiness of University Way after dark.

But that’s ignoring all the fine qualities of the area that many outside the realm of the University of Washington call home.

Take a stroll down 16th Ave. NE, and you’ll see droves of older, classic two-story houses with finely manicured lawns and recent upgrades that make that area of the neighborhood feel like a tradition-rich look into the U-District’s past. The Saturday farmer’s market on the corner of 50th and University Way — the city’s oldest and largest — always attracts hordes of people who come out in search of fresh fruit or vegetables. And that’s not even mentioning all of the individually owned restaurants and businesses that dot “The Ave,” popular to students and non-students alike.

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