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Sound Transit shows latest proposed design for Brooklyn station

May 23rd, 2012 by master

UW News Lab
Sound Transit unveiled the latest prospective design plans for Brooklyn station at an open house at the Neptune Theatre last night, May 22. Initial concepts for station art and a discussion of potential station names took center stage.
According to the Sound Transit website, Brooklyn station is part of the North Link Project, which will be a 4.3-mile tunnel spanning from University Station near Husky Stadium to a Northgate station near the Northgate Transit Center. Brooklyn station will be located along Brooklyn Avenue Northeast between the University Manor apartments on Northeast 43rd Street and the Neptune Theatre on Northeast 45th Street.
Bruce Gray, a media relations rep for Sound Transit, said the plan is to have the link open by 2021.
“Everything is really coming together,” he said. “It will be jewel of the U-District.”

Sound Transit Project Manger Tracy Reed welcoming everyone to the open house

Open house attendees had the opportunity to vote on prospective names for the station. The three contenders were U-District Station, Brooklyn Station and Northeast 5th Street. A write-in option was also available.
Meeting attendee Jorgen Bader said he encourages people to choose U-District Station or write in University District Station.
“Nothing about the station relates to the University of Washington,” he said. “It needs to tie into the university and introduce people to the university.”
Tracy Reed, a project manager at Sound Transit, said a permanent name will be chosen in June.
“It will reflect the nature of the environment and be brief and easy to read and remember,” she said, adding that the selection will not be similar to names of existing stations and buildings.
In addition to naming the station, the meeting was the first time the community was introduced to the local artists, Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, who will provide the
station’s artwork. Last November, a Sound Transit art selection committee chose Han and Mihalyo, who own Lead Pencil Studio in Seattle.
“Our inspiration comes from the urban fabric of the city,” Mihalyo said. He added that they plan to have 3-D windows with videos running, still images and lighting.
“They will be ambient in nature,” he said. “We haven’t decided what, but they will relate to domestic and retail experiences.”
The open house presentation noted that the University Station will cater to visitors of Husky Stadium, the University of Washington Medical Center and the southern part of UW’s campus, while the Brooklyn Station will be more accessible for people traveling to the UW Tower, the “Ave,” north campus and buses that connect at Northeast 45th Street.

Attendees view displays and talk to Sound Transit employees during the station design open house.

Gray said the projected ridership at Brooklyn station for 2030 is approximately 12,000 daily boardings based on current transit ridership and projected travel times. Riders will be able to travel from Brooklyn station to Westlake Station in eight minutes and to Sea- Tac Airport in 41 minutes, Gray said.
The station will be approximately 80 feet below ground with elevators, escalators and stairs provided at entrances adjacent to the Neptune Theatre and near the Chase Bank on Northeast 43rd Street. Ticketing machines, covered bicycle storage, benches and four emergency staircases were also featured in the presentation. In addition, the station is designed to include street-level retail shops or office spaces at street level.
Gray said he expects the final design to be completed at the end of 2012, with demolition and construction work beginning shortly after. Construction of the station
will include closing Brooklyn Avenue Northeast and Northeast 43rd Street to traffic and pedestrians.
“The meat of the construction will be from 2014 to 2017,” Gray said. “The biggest impact folks will notice is that Brooklyn will be closed.”

Wilbert Santos, Sound Transit community relations’ specialist answers questions from attendees.

Construction simulation of the Brooklyn station tunneling and excavation process:

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Light rail station construction could be a difficult neighbor

November 18th, 2011 by master

Sound Transit presented its latest construction plans to a crowd of more than 100 people last night at the recently polished Neptune Theater.

Check out the animated video the agency put together. It shows a 360 degree view of what the footprint of construction will be on the neighborhood.

The questions from the audience were mainly concerns over access at next door buildings, vehicle and pedestrian routing  and common construction disruptions like noise, lights and dust. The most vocal attendees were also the neighbors most likely to feel the impact of years of construction. The University Manor Apartments are so close to construction that the roads just to the north and west of the building will be closed for most of the project. Sound Transit will funnel bikes, pedestrians and people coming and going from the building through a ten foot wide path between Brooklyn Avenue NE and an alley on the east side of the building.

While most issues were localized, the agency also showed slides that explained how construction trucks will get to and from the site.  Through all project stages, trucks will use the NE 50th Street on- and off-ramps at I-5. Drivers will take their haul through the one-way couplet of Roosevelt Way NE and 11th Avenue NE during demolition and add Brooklyn Avenue NE during excavation and construction.

You can run through the presentation to see how Sound Transit plans to roll out construction. A couple more design open houses will happen next year as will demolition of buildings at the site. Excavation won’t start until 2013. Service is scheduled to begin in 2021.

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Pedestrian safety project starts at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 43rd Street

October 31st, 2011 by master

The Seattle Department of Transporation is about to kick-off a small pedestrian safety project in the U-District.

Tomorrow, crews will begin installing curb bulbs, ramps and crosswalks at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 43rd Street. If you frequently walk through this intersection, you’ll need to know that the sidewalk will be closed and pedestrians detoured around the construction area.

Work will happen between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily for about two weeks.

SDOT says this is one of 50 crossing improvements they’ll install this year throughout the city.

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SDOT releases furlough dates for employees

June 2nd, 2010 by master

The Seattle Department of Transportation is asking citizens to be patient while its employees take furlough days, releasing those dates in a blog update.

Here are the days that crews will be working with a decreased number of employees:

January 15 and 19

July 2 and 6

February 12 and 16 August 6 and 9

March 12 and 15 September 3 and 7

April 9 and 12 October 8 and 11

May 28 and June 1

December 23 and 27

The summer dates are of most interest to U-District residents, obviously, because of the upcoming construction on the 45th Street viaduct. Construction will cause the viaduct to close to all traffic on June 14.

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SDOT hosting 45th Street pre-closure open house

May 28th, 2010 by master

The Seattle Department of Transportation will host an open house at the University Heights Community Center at 5031 University Way NE on June 9 from 4-7 p.m., aiming to answer any questions community members may have about the upcoming closure of the NE 45th Street viaduct this summer.

U-District citizens received a notice about the open house in the mail earlier this week. Attendees can meet the contractor, learn the upcoming construction schedule, and plan ahead to find alternate routes and transportation. You can see more at SDOT’s official webpage.

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Construction will prohibit left turns at 15th and 45th

May 20th, 2010 by master

If you drive in the U-District, the following news could be of pretty big concern.

Photo by Clayton Getsinger, The Daily.

Residents of the neighborhood expressed concern yesterday at a public chamber of commerce meeting over the news that construction to repave 15th Avenue Northeast would prohibit vehicles from turning left from 15th onto Northeast 45th Street.

Public transit vehicles (metro buses) would be the only ones permitted to make that left turn during rush hour.

SDOT offficials are considering adding left-turn lanes at 43rd and 47th for those still needing access to 45th from 15th.

Construction begins January of 2011. Erin Flemming has the full story in The Daily.

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Paving over problems on 15th Ave NE

May 3rd, 2010 by master

There’s good news for everyone who uses 15th Ave. NE in the U-District.  Our news partners at the Seattle Times report the road is scheduled to be repaved next year. 

The street view image from Google shows some of the pavement issues on 15th between NE 50th Street and Pacific Street.  Until the paving begins, SDOT says it will have to rely on its pothole patrol.

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