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Shots fired in U District early Saturday morning

June 11th, 2011 by master

Seattle police were called early Saturday morning to the 5200 block of University Way NE after receiving multiple calls of shots fired. Witnesses told police that the suspect vehicle was white – the make and model was in question. Some said it was a 1990’s-era Camero, other said it was a white Cadillac. When police arrived on scene at about 2:15 a.m., officers couldn’t find any victims or damage resulting to the shots being fired. They did, however, find 10 shell casings in the parking lot and immediate area.

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Two U-District zones part of Late Night Public Safety Emphasis

June 6th, 2011 by master

This afternoon, the mayor’s office and Seattle Police announced the return of the Late Night Public Safety Emphasis program. That means from June to September, you’ll see increased uniformed police visibility in areas with high concentrations of people enjoying Friday and Saturday nightlife, including two designated areas in the U-District:

The area of NE. 43rd St. to NE. 47th St. / 7th Ave. NE to Roosevelt Ave. NE

The area of NE 42nd St. to NE 52nd St. / 12 Ave, NE to 15th Ave. NE

Click here to see a map of zones across Seattle.

On any given Friday or Saturday night, the additional 15-25 uniformed officers will be patrolling the designated nightlife zones, usually in two different precincts at any given time. During the course of the summer, each precinct will get a fair share of these resources.

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iPhone robbers target UW student

May 27th, 2011 by master

UW Police sent out this alert today after a failed robbery on campus:

On Thursday, May 26 at approximately 5:45 p.m., a UW student was walking on campus in the area of the Gates Hall Law School on Memorial Way, when he was approached by two male suspects. One of the suspects grabbed the victim by the arm and demanded the victim’s i-Phone. The victim was able to retain his property and was not injured. There were no weapons seen.

One suspect was described as a male in 20s, 5’8”, wearing a red hat, red shirt and black pants. The second suspect was described as a male in his 20s, 5’11”, thin build wearing a baggy shirt.

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Bicycle thefts continue to add up on UW campus

April 29th, 2011 by master

It’s no secret that bicycle thieves often set their sights on the UW campus. A recent check of crime stats from UW Police shows that 14 bikes have been stolen so far this month. In March, 16 bicycle thefts were reported. Students are asked to register their bikes with UWPD and to always secure them with locks.

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Man threatened, mugged on 7th Ave NE

April 26th, 2011 by master

Here’s the report from Seattle Police:

On 04/24/2011 at approximately 0130 hours I arrived at 4200 block of 7 AV NE to investigate a strong arm robbery. Upon arrival I made contact with V/ . The incident occurred at approximately 0100 hours. stated he was walking northbound in the 4200 block of 7 AV NE on his way to his friend’s apartment located at 4200 block of 7 AV NE. stated he observed a black male and an Asian male that appeared to be in their mid 20’s, walking southbound in the 4200 block of 7 AV NE. The black male was described as wearing a gold chain, white jersey, with minor facial hair. The Asian male was described as clean shaven, with a buzzed head. The two suspects approached V/ and said, “Empty your pockets or we’ll f— you up”. V/ emptied the contents of his pocket onto the sidewalk. The Asian male grabbed the wallet and rifled through it. Victim had (2) 20.00 dollar bills, (4) 1.00 dollar bills, and approximately 6-8 dollars in quarters taken from him. Victim stated the males then walked northbound on 7 AV NE. ran into the apartment and called 911.
Initially was hesitant to call 911 because he was fearful the suspects would recognize him and assault him in the future. figured the best thing to do was to report the incident so he called 911 again and requested officers.

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New crime prevention coordinator for U-District

April 20th, 2011 by master

The U-District will now have a new Crime Prevention Coordinator. It comes after SPD secured grant funding for a total of four Crime Prevention Coordinators through the end of this year. There had been a total of six.

The coordinators work in the precincts to educate the public on ways to reduce their risk of becoming victims, and act as liaisons between the local community and the police.

Terrie Johnston will become the U-District and North Precinct coordinator. You can get more information here.

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Mugging leaves victim hurt

April 16th, 2011 by master

An early morning mugging last Sunday left the victim injured. Here’s the police report from SPD:

I was patrolling my area around 3am on April 10 when I was flagged down by victim at NE 43rd/ University Way NE. He stated that he was just walking home this morning when he was jumped by two unknown black males in the 4700 block of Roosevelt Way who punched him in the face and kicked him in the side while he was on the ground. was covering up his head with his hands when he felt one of the suspects reach into his back pocket of his pants and steal his wallet. then heard the two suspects laughing as they fled the scene on foot. stated that he was feeling dizzy and that he didn’t really remember much more of what happened. I observed that had a small laceration below his left eye and he appeared to be in pain as he was holding the side or his torso. SFD was called to the scene and checked him for any additional injuries. He declined to go to the hospital and I transported him to his residence.

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Man attacked in alley during robbery attempt

April 5th, 2011 by master

A man was attacked but managed to avoid being robbed in a U-District alley last Thursday. Here’s the police report:

On 3/31/2011 at 2304 hours, I was dispatched to 1100 block of NE 43rd St concerning an assault. On arrival, I met the victim. He said that about five minutes prior to calling 911, he was in the alley behind his apartment complex breaking down cardboard boxes left at the dumpster when an unknown male approached him from the south opening of the alley. The male said nothing but walked directly to him and punched him in the nose/upper lip with a closed fist. Victim fell to the ground, whereupon the suspect reached into the victim’s rear pocket. Victim swatted the suspect’s hand away and the suspect left the area walking northbound in the alley. Victim reported that nothing was stolen from him during this assault and provided a physical description of the suspect, adding that he had never seen the suspect before tonight. Victim refused medical attention for his injuries. I could see that he nose and inner/upper lip was cut and bleeding slightly. I examined the alley where the assault took place. I didn’t locate any evidence or other information that would help in identifying the suspect.

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Donut shop robber attacks employee

April 3rd, 2011 by master

A donut shop in the 4300 block of Roosevelt was hit last Tuesday (3/29) by a robber who also roughed up an employee. Here’s the police report:

I arrived and contaced witness who stated that he was a customer in the store. He had just purchased his donuts and turned to sit down when he heard a commotion behind him. He turned and saw a while male go through the swinging doors behind the donut counter. He saw the suspect push victim into the donut rack, grab the open cash register door and run out the business. He followed the suspect and saw him go S/B on Roosevelt Wy NE toward NE 43 ST. The suspect disappeared either around the corner at NE 43 ST or through the access driveway at the building.

I spoke to victim who spoke broken English. He said the suspect came into the store briefly to get coffee and some donuts. He didn’t have enough money so he left to get some. He came back moments later and while victim opened the drawer, the suspect pushed him over, grabbed the drawer and some money in a tip envelop and fled the store. He’s never seen the suspect before. Victim estimates that about $100 was taken from the till. No evidence was found at the scene.

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Man beaten during robbery on The Ave

March 24th, 2011 by master

Tuesday morning around 3am, a man was getting on his motorcycle in the 4700 Block of University Way when another man approached him and demanded his wallet. When the victim didn’t hand it over, Seattle Police say the suspect punched the victim in the face and then began kicking him on the ground. The suspect fled on foot and was located a short time later by an officer at NE 45th and Brooklyn. The 21-year old suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.

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