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New restaurant on the Ave offers authentic udon noodles

February 23rd, 2012 by master

By Julia Li

Hungry for good eats on the Ave? These days, the Ave is offering something different: authentic style Japanese noodles at a new restaurant just north of 45th Street NE called U:Don. Even the name of the restaurant is eye-catching, with its incorporation of a smiley face emoticon (the name is pronounced “You-Don” by the way). U:Don proudly serves thick textured noodles cooked in a broth or sauce of your choice, providing the perfect warm meal for Seattle’s wet winter season.

U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station offers a unique experience, not just to the U District but all of Seattle. It is the first and only Sanuki udon noodle shop in the region. Sanuki is a region in the southern Japanese island of Shikoku where the udon noodle originated, and there are many such restaurants in Japan. Chef and owner Tak Kurachi works hard to bring the same authentic Japanese taste and experience to Seattle. Flour and broth ingredients are imported from Japan, and the noodle-making process takes a full 24 hours to ensure a purely Japanese taste.

The noodles are served with a variety of other ingredients: beef, fried tofu, and egg are just a few options. Once you choose the udon of your desire, you may also select side dishes such as crunchy Tempura, Karaage, or Onigiri. In addition to being delicious, the layout of the restaurant makes ordering very easy. Prices are also very reasonable, an important characteristic for a restaurant on the Ave.

Tak wants to make sure that people are getting the best product at an affordable price. “We strive ourselves and take every effort to put out the highest quality,” says Tak. “I love cheffing and food, and I want people to have a true taste of Japan.” Indeed, with the latest success of U:Don, he has made this vision into a reality.

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