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MugShot Monday #2-Fat Ducks Bakery and Deli

August 12th, 2014 by master

Welcome to MugShot Monday(on Tuesday this week!): a caffeine inspired journey to uncover University Ave’s Cafe’s

This Fancy Duck is enjoying her Double Tall Americano

Okay, Okay, I know…only two weeks into the weekly series and I’m already behind schedule. I can explain!!! But first, let me introduce you to Fat Ducks Deli and Bakery located on the north end of University Ave.

You will more-often-than-not be greeted by owner Jaclyn Roth who not only makes a good Americano, but will also offer you a pillow if you’ve by chance just recently thrown your back out and are noticeably gimping around the cafe.

I stopped in on Monday, but I failed to note the closure dates(hence my posts’ tardiness) Roth was on a trip in New York to, among some other things, purchase the amazing pastrami that she imports regularly from Brooklyn.

Roth comes from an east coast family that ran a deli bakery, and that is where she honed in her amazing baking skills. From rugelach to her creatively named cookies and sweets, Roth is baking away what must be all the hours in a day!

But since you need to eat a meal before dessert, her menu includes a vast assortment of sandwiches, soups, bagels (from Blazing Bagels) and more. This is the part where you take a bite into the Lucky Duck ($8.95), where you will taste that delicious pastrami, or if you’re a traditionalist like myself, you’ll order the Lox Duck($7.50) which is the classic bagel with lox, capers, etc. Whatever you order, give Jaclyn a little time to make it perfect. Good things come to those who wait! Trust me, ┬áit will hit the spot!

With free wi-fi, a nice seating area in the back, some outdoor seating, Fat Ducks is a great spot to ‘waddle’ to for a coffee and a treat, lunch or an afternoon snack.

For more information, or to find out about her catering options, check out the Fat Ducks website.

Al, Ryan and Kyle (left to right) are regulars at Fat Ducks. They recommend the Corned beef. They were happy to rave about Jaclyn and Fat Ducks Bakery and Deli!

PCP cookies...don't worry, they're safe to eat!

LSD bars, I bought one for my 12 year old daughter; she loved it!

Everyone could use a little THC every once in a while!

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