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Is the U-district Safe? A week of Crime, Accidents and Mayor Ed Murray

February 25th, 2015 by master

Amid Shootings, attempted abductions at gunpoint, and collisions with metro busses, the U-district has unfortunately been keeping local law enforcement busy.

Living the city life comes with a lot of nightlife options, walkability, and public transit, but when these perks become threats it’s time to look at more safety measures to ensure that we get a chance to enjoy where we live.

It’s been a busy week in the Udistrict! Some highlights include:

Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb 22, Police officers were called after reports of shots being fired in a parking lot outside a U-district nightclub near 8th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street. Three people were reported being taken to area hospitals with life threatening gunshot wounds. This is the same area that another man was shot in the leg back in January.

Also, on Sunday night around 10 PM near the University of Washington, detectives were called to investigate a report that an armed man tried to abduct a woman at gunpoint as she was walking home along NE 55th street near 15 Ave NE. Luckily the would be abductor was startled by people walking by and the woman was escorted to safety where she could call 911.

And in other tragic news, a motorcyclist incurred life threatening injuries in a collision with a Metro bus on NE 55th and 15th Ave NE in the Monday morning commute.

This seems to be a wake-up call to our neighborhood that we need to be more diligent about knowing our surroundings, keeping homes secure, and with increased traffic, be more vigilant on the road.

All these happenings occurred just after Mayor Ed Murray did his Community Safety Walk know as “Find it, Fix it” on Saturday in the Udistrict. These walks, one of many he will do, are to help identify safety issues present in the built environment of Seattle’s neighborhoods as part of his Summer of Safety Initiative.

With the “Find it, fix it” App, Murray is hoping citizens will report issues by snapping photos with a smartphone, adding detailed information, and hitting submit. With this easy reporting app he hopes that more awareness to their surroundings will help neighborhoods clean up trouble spots and help people feel better about where they live. When people love their neighborhood it thrives.

So, how can you help our neighborhood and yourself stay safe?

Check out the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Page on the Website.

The University of Washington has this page to help students with safety issues. also encourages residents and business owners to report criminal behavior, get involved in programs like Block Watch and Night Out, and talk to your neighbors.

Of course, living in the city, there is always the chance that crime, accidents and other unnerving incidents will feel a little too close to home. We would love to hear what you do to feel safe in our city, advice for people and any other resources you want to share in the comments!

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